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Kasey Lovelace

Management, Consulting and Special Projects

With an Internship at Arista Records Kasey Lovelace began working in the entertainment industry, learning from the master Clive Davis. Working at the powerhouse label taught her the value of strong leadership and the results that come from strategic, tenacious effort. Kasey was involved with breaking records for legendary artist such as Whitney Houston, Areatha Franklin, Jeffrey Osborne and the birth of La Face Records. During her time at Arista, she was responsible for street/club promotions, groundbreaking promotional events and planning innovative campaigns. Her innovative style was soon recognized by the other labels, which enabled her to branch out as a Promotions Consultant for distributions systems including Sony/BMG, Universal, WEA and several other Indie labels/distributors.

The tool she had been given and taught prompted her to take her vision for black music to BMI to sponsor a writer/artist showcase for urban / alternative artists. With the help of veteran executive Cheryl Dickerson she brought the “Acoustic In Black Showcase” to life, The showcase highlighted the full spectrum of black music in an “all acoustic” format and contributed to exposing such artist as Macy Gray, Chris Pierce, Nailah Proter and other writer/artist for major music publishers. This unprecedented showcase series prompted the first “all black” stage at South by Southwest music conference in Austin, TX and Eat’m Music Festival in Las Vegas. With this successful showcase series, Kasey has secured several major recording agreements and publishing deals for many of the songwriters and emerging artists.

What many don’t know about Kasey is her commitment to service. So it didn’t take long for word about her unique way of branding & marketing to spread to the political/non-profit arena. Through her work on the Census campaign, she began consulting in the non-profit sector. This new direction led to bridging the music industry and media to the youth programs in underserved communities. By organizing fundraisers and promoting grassroots campaigns she has been able to use urban contemporary art, music and culture to influence the lives of youth America, while encouraging an awareness of giving back to local communities. Not content with sitting on her laurels Kasey has expended her repertoire by receiving a certification as a Life Coach. By combining her branding skills, ability to find unique marketing concepts, applying the concept of effective goal setting Kasey has been able to influence and produce lasting results with teams and individuals in the non-profit sector that have changed lives. As an example, as Project Coordinator for Community Voices, a Los Angeles County advocacy group for subsidized childcare, she managed 7 community groups and built a strong coalition to lobby for state budget reform for childcare, which has help thousands of single parents with rising childcare cost.

Never away from the music industry, has Kasey Lovelace continued to emerge utilizing her expertise and contacts in the music industry and non-profit sector to create a niche for herself as a Development Consultant. By utilizing her years of experiences in the profit and not for profit she is now developing new business ventures, special projects and events in both the entertainment and non-profit sectors where the two can co-exist and have their individuals need met. Her enthusiasm and ability to navigate many industries with vivaciousness has led to her working with Grammy nominated artist/producers such as Trevor Lawrence Jr. who as produced for Dr Dre, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Herbie Hancock, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder), KPFK 90.7 radio in Los Angeles has contracted her to produce the KPFK Hero Awards and Tribute an annual fundraiser for the radio station. In 2011 the Tribute to Billy Higgins featured such artists as George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Charles Lloyd, Kenny Burrell. Now in 2012 KPFK will honor legends Gil Scott-Heron, Charlie Haden, Fernando Pullum and present a Lifetime Achievement Award to Pete Seeger with a performance line-up of artists that celebrate their lives and commitment to the great artists.

Kasey Lovelace is a unique executive with the vision and insight to reframe the picture of urban contemporary culture and how it is perceived through the media. Kasey’s unique quality of innate leadership can and has moved many businesses and organization to new heights and has expanded their capacity to exceed their goals.

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